I’d like to propose that the built heritage of the region be featured in the bid.
Two aspects:
1. Shop fronts
South St. and North St in New Ross have almost continuous ranges of traditional and historic shop fronts, virtually unique in the country as there has been no incursion of large chains of retailers. Similarly Enniscorthy, which has been recognised by Heritage Ireland as an important town from this aspect of architecture.

2. Domestic architecture
Many urban centres – e.g. New Ross, Wexford, Waterford, Kilkenny – feature Irish Georgian buildings with their characteristic windows and door fanlights. The Irish Georgian Society would be able to advise on what might be done to highlight this important aspect of domestic architecture and there is a branch of the Society in Waterford city.
Two relevant web sites follow:

Proposals for trad shop fronts

National Inventory of Architectural Heritage