Interactive Periscope Portraits #threesisters2020

I would be excited to have the opportunity to make a series of portraits, based on photos sent to me via various social media, by people within the region (be they residents or visitors). The portraits would be painted live on periscope for people to watch and to interact both with me- and with each other, via the apps innovative chat facility. The project would be socially inclusive and would engage not only with those who normally have access to the arts but also with those who have little or no access- and/or sometimes no interest, as the social media aspect makes this project very accessible to all. It would engage people within the region -and due to the power of social media will raise awareness of three sisters 2020 on a local, national and international level, as not only would it be shared within my own networks, but those engaging with the project will be asked to share to theirs, using hashtags to be determined with three sisters 2020 but probably something like #threesistersportraits and #threesisters2020




On their own the portraits would be of each individual, but together they are a like a snapshot of the three sisters, showing little vignettes of lives of those within the region.

When complete I envisage exhibiting the portraits both online and in a physical space -and to document the project in a self- published book. The portraits would then be sent out to those whose pictures were used.

I have just completed a similar project on small scale whereby I drew 30 portraits over 30 days also live on periscope – sending the portraits out at project end. Each is currently being sent out free of charge simply with the request that recipients do something nice for someone else, however small, by way of paying it forward.  I have been astonished at the amount of people who have engaged with the project and with the amazing emails I have received from people from all over the world telling me what they have got out of it. It has made me completely re-examine my understanding of the term community- as I now know that although different, online communities are non the less valid. Viewers who engaged with the project also connected with each other. This project was never about the finished product, but the process and the interactions. Drawing results were mixed as I was getting used to drawing whilst broadcasting- and interacting with an audience – (although they would be better described as active participants rather than an audience).  For the completed project I worked in pastel- however should I get the opportunity to do similar for the three sisters 2020 I am be keen work in paint, which is my normal chosen medium. Whilst it is about the interactions and not the finished product, I know the resulting paintings would be more visually interesting as I would be bringing on board all that I learned from the first project.

The image here shows the finished drawings and anyone interested can see some of them in progress, by accessing the saved videos on my periscope channel – OonaghlatchfordArt

I have kept this fairly brief however should you require any further details, or have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.