Your suggestion of Eileen Grey’s legacy being celebrated in 2020 through an investigative retrospective and conference on her birthday August 9th is wonderful. A film I made on Gray’s iconic house E.1027 was screened in the Irish Museum of Modern Art and chosen by George Pompidou curator Cloe Pitiot for an exhibition in New York. The film is titled ‘Strangely Familiar Shades of Gray’ and it compares the interior of E.1027 to the interior of a camera, both designed as private creative spaces where light played an intrinsic part in both house and camera. The inventive ways the windows and shutters of E.1027 open and close to let in or reduce light in a measured way mirrors the camera shutter…and many other overlaps between private interior space, architectural space and camera space are played out.
Let me know if you need more information and the abstract of an optional accompanying talk. All the best, Mary-Ruth
The film is on Vimeo password EG1027