I’d like to propose a knitting and crochet project that would lead up to a series of yarn bombs around the south east region. My proposal would involve a series of projects that would involve the knitting communities that already exist and a series of classes and workshops in local communities and schools to introduce more people to what are very accessible crafts that used to be intertwined with our culture. Although the crafts fell out of fashion and are still often associated with little old ladies, it is now becoming mainstream with a knitting podcast winning the Best UK Podcast award 2016, a knitting business winning the Etsy Awards for UK and Ireland and knitting book making the New York Times bestseller list (See Olann and’s blog post for more on this! http://www.olannand.ie/knitting-goes-mainstream/)
I believe a knitting and crochet would be the perfect way to include a large portion of the south east population in the Three Sisters, as well as providing massive benefits to all involved, from improving dexterity and mental health, to engaging in a social and fun activity, all while learning an lifelong skill.