VIDEO: Michael D’Arcy -Wexford Cultural Champion

Speaking about his passion for Wexford and his desire to see the Three Sisters Bid being successful, Michael D’Arcy says that, one of his fondest memories of Wexford and of how Wexford people can collaborate was the Wexford hurling team homecoming of 1996.


“The spirit and the sense of energy in Wexford and the people of Wexford during that week was incredible.” It is that energy that Michael asks the people of Wexford to re-ignite to get behind the Three Sisters 2020 title Bid. Michael says, “Part of the judging criteria for this title will be how the people of the region have demonstrated that they really want to be the European Capital of Culture so it’s really important that we don’t miss out on this opportunity to share what an amazing place we live in with the rest of Europe and open the doors to substantial European funding for Culture and the Arts in Wexford

Michael D'Arcy - Lead singer of 'Corner Boy' and Wexford Cultural Champion
Michael D’Arcy – Lead singer of ‘Corner Boy’ and Wexford Cultural Champion

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